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25th October 2011

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Dose Flavor Riddles

So now that you know we’re headed to Dose Market on November, 6, we thought we’d whet your appetite with a few riddles to help you guess some of the flavors of old-fashioned doughnuts that we’ll be serving at Dose. And in the meantime, we’ve also got a few new pictures from the Doughnut Vault….

Okay, so here’s riddle number one and a hint as to one of the doughnut flavors at Dose:


Riddle number two and a hint to our next flavor of doughnut:

Genus: Castanea

Riddle number three:

Milk, water, pie, shaved, toasted

Riddle number four:

The _________ of Flanders’ fields mixed with bright yellow zest

More riddles (and flavor hints) to come next week!

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