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16th November 2011

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Doughnut Vault Goes to the Movies

It’s official— we’ll be making our film debut this weekend at the Chicago Food Film Festival. We’re part of “Edible Adventure #004” at the festival, which takes place on Saturday, November 19, at noon. The “adventure” includes several short films, including our personal favorite (okay, we’re just a little biased!) on the Doughnut Vault. The Doughnut Vault film is done by the lovely Mode Project . The team at this boutique creative firm made a very cool, short film that takes viewers behind the scenes at the Doughnut Vault. Whet your appetite with the trailer on our blog!

After the screening, lucky ticket holders have the chance to feast on Doughnut Vault doughnuts as well as foods from a list of awesome participants including, Intelligentsia Coffee, Royal Pies from Pleasant House Bakery, fresh macaroons from Danny Macaroons, beer by Goose Island Beer Company, a juice bar by Prasino. Yum!!

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    These are our friends and they make delightful treats. Check them out!!
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