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11th February 2011

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A Chicago Vault Heist

Welcome to the Vault

At the Doughnut Vault, we recently discovered that the greatest unsolved vault heist occurred in our home-town, Chicago at the Chicago National Bank. The year was 1977, it was the Friday before a prolonged Columbus day weekend. On that Friday evening, the chief teller counted the vault’s holdings two-floors below ground in a locked, heavily guarded area in the bank’s main vault. He counted $4 million dollars, and left for his holiday weekend. The vault

Colorful shelving

When the bank re-opened on the following Tuesday, the same teller counted only $3 million dollars. Exactly $1 million in $50 and $100 bills had gone missing. Initially, the bank assumed an accounting error; a missing zero; an oversight. But quickly it became apparent that was not the case. The money was no where to be found. Chicago’s First National Bank’s vault had been robbed.

Details on the white tiled walls

And on the brick near the window

The FBI assumed it was an inside job, given the series of vaults, guards and surveillance equipment surround the main vault where the money was kept. Further upsetting to Chicago National Bank, was that the bank’s insurance policy kicked in only on loss of amounts over $1 million dollars. The FBI toiled for weeks, conducted lie-detector tests and made vague promises that “the pieces are beginning to fall together” but never made a single arrest.

Luckily the Doughnut Vault is a tad more secure.

Looking down the vault wall

Even the bronze ceiling is patterned

The parrot blue counter inside the vault

For more on the Chicago Bank heist of 1977, visit

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